General Information

Appointment Procedures

1) To Schedule an appointment please call 800-535-9554

We will make every effort to serve you on the next soonest appointment (often the same day or next or as needed). Appointments can be scheduled in advance for virtually any future date Monday-Friday.

**Add-on Cases: If an appointment(s) is already scheduled with VSI for an ultrasound and an additional case(s) arises, please call and notify us so we can be prepared. In nearly all situations, this will not be a problem, but please notify us as soon as possible as add-on cases can affect our ability to serve other scheduled cases that day.

DISCLAIMER: We do not work directly with the general public but rather serve other veterinarians on a referral basis only. Pet owners are encouraged to contact their primary care veterinarian to request their veterinarian contact VSI, PLLC. for an ultrasound consultation. Thank you.

2) Shave the Patient

Please shave the patient prior to VSI doctor's arrival as not to further delay the exam.

Abdominal Ultrasounds
Abdominal ultrasounds require shaving from the xyphoid process to the caudal abdomen with very wide margins extending laterally over the last 3-4 ribs. This is a shave similar to what's needed for exploratory laparotomy. The shave needs to be clean and to the skin. (See photos below)


Echocardiograms require a small shaved square (2"x2") in the right & left axial areas and a small square 2"x2" just caudal to the xyphoid process. (See photo below)

Your hospital may be the first appointment of the day. The patient needs to be there and ready as early as is possible as often our schedule can be unpredictable. We will make every effort to communicate with you to let you know approximately when we think we'll arrive at your facility.

3) Brief Technical Assistance

Brief assistance from a hospital technician will be necessary to aid in patient restraint during the exam only. The exam generally takes approximately 30 minutes.

4) Sedation and Anesthesia

Sedation or anesthesia is not required to perform an ultrasound exam, but in many abdominal cases the greatest diagnostic yield will come when the patient is completely relaxed. Please check with the VSI doctor when in doubt with regard to anesthetic choice and effects on the patient (especially for echocardiograms). If an invasive procedure (biopsies, cavity centesis, etc.) is necessary or planned, administration of anesthetic/sedative and patient monitoring is the responsibility of the primary care veterinarian on the case.