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"It's been an honor to work with Tom Sherrill and he's been incredibly reliable and trustworthy. I highly recommend him as a partner and friend to any veterinarian seeking diagnostic efficiency through ultrasound in their practice."
Marty Henderson, DVM : owner of SonoVet, Inc. San Antonio, TX

"Dr. Sherrill was one my mentors while training to become a skilled ultrasonographer. His ultrasound skill set is outstanding and reliable. His many years in private practice as well as being ABVP board certified makes him extremely knowledgeable but also practical in his recommendations. He would be a valuable asset to any veterinary practice and is a pleasure to work with. "
Connie Shang, DVM : owner of MiVUDC, Washington DC

Flower Mound
"Having the benefit of ultrasonography available to us at the ER has been tremendous. Dr. Tom Sherrill provides very thorough studies and is always a pleasure to work with. It amazes me how many cases we find ultrasonography helpful in establishing a more definitive diagnosis and therefore a better treatment plan. I would recommend VSI to any clinic to expand their diagnostic capabilities."
Jennifer Perry, DVM : Director of Medicine at Flower Mound Emergency Pet Clinic, Flower Mound, TX

"Dr. Tom Sherrill has been a great asset for diagnostic ultrasound and echocardiography for Hebron Cat Hospital. It’s great to have a boarded veterinarian that travels to your location and has the ability to perform aspirate cytologies in addition to the ultrasounds. Our clients love that they do not have to travel to another location and make another appointment."
Dee Whissen, DVM : Hebron Cat Hospital & Toy Dogs, Carrollton, TX

"Since moving to the Coppell area 6 months ago, I have relied on Dr. Sherrill's ultrasound services almost on a weekly basis. I have been most impressed with his skill, knowledge and professionalism. His exams are extremely thorough and always productive in helping to arrive at a diagnosis. His written reports are timely, never later than the next morning, well written and concise. His recommendations for follow up are are most appreciated. Dr. Sherrill has been an enormous asset to our practice, and I highly recommend his service."
E.E. (Chip) Ponsford, III, DVM : Cat and Dog Hospital, Coppell, TX

"I highly recommend Tom for his skills as an ultrasonographer. His drive to develop basic veterinary knowledge and expertise lead him to achieve board certification in canine/feline medicine. His timely assistance in providing mobile ultrasound services for us is a boon and allows my clients to utilize more advanced diagnostics that I am currently unable to provide and to do so conveniently. He quickly provides expert interpretation of the imaging and allows me to better provide care to my patients. I would highly recommend Tom in providing ultrasound services to any Veterianry practice in need of them."
Bryan M. Robinson Jr, DVM : Chief of Staff at Banfield Pet Hospital, Rockwall, Texas